Christine M Sullivan Photography | About
Thank you for taking a minute to learn more about me. I have not studied photography for years, I did not spend a ton of money on a degree in photography, growing up I did not know I was going to fall in love with photography. Instead in 1995 I borrowed a friend's 35mm and I instantly enjoyed taking pictures. Once I got the first roll of film developed and shared the pictures with people, I fell in love with the joy it brought to others. I bought my own camera at that point and my hobby got started.
As the years went on, I was always the one with the camera at parties. In 2003 a dear friend passed away at age 2. This was a turning point for me. Prior to her death, I would document events, I had photos of her at parties or Christmas, but not many of her just living. I treasure every photo I have of her, but my hobby became a passion / obsession. I came to realize that not just the big events in life are important, but everyday life is more monumental. You can never have enough photos of a loved one, the tiny little fingers of a newborn, the wrinkled hands of a grandmother, the couple holding hands, it all needs to be captured.
I may not have a degree in business to show you, but since I have no student loans to pay off, my prices are reasonable. I guarantee to give my all to you when I am capturing your moment in time and I will strive to bring joy to you when you see your photos.